Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The absolute worst cabin filter I've ever seen

A while back I made a post about how replacing cabin filters is good maintenance practice. Here's a pic showing why. This filter was so clogged, it would not allow airflow to pass from the blower motor housing. The blower motor just began working against itself until it just stopped working altogether. I had no idea this filter was so bad when I replaced the blower motor on a 2010 Tundra, I just knew that the truck smelled bad overall... When I replaced the blower motor, I noticed there was no airflow coming out the A/C vents, and that's when I checked and found this beauty of a cabin filter. Once I replaced the cabin filter, air flowed freely throughout the truck's HVAC system and all was well. Not only was this filter impeding HVAC air flow, it was definitely a health hazard. No one should have to breathe air coming out of an HVAC system filtered by something like this.

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