Thursday, February 10, 2011

P043E, P043F, P0441, P0455, P2401, P2402, P2419 DTC's on 2011 Toyota Tundra

Today, a brand new Tundra with 711 miles showed up at the shop with a multitude of evaporative emissions diagnostic trouble codes. These trouble codes all relate to malfunctions in the evaporative control system, the emmissions control system that traps gasoline vapors and prevents them from being vented into the atmosphere. Here is a screenshot of the trouble codes:

While it is unusual for a new Toyota to have any such problems, they do occur from time to time. The source of the problem was quickly traced to the charcoal canister (which has the leak detection pump and various other electronics built into it). 99% of the time, on just about any late model Toyota, if there are P2402 and a P2419 DTC's set at the same time, the vehicle is going to need a charcoal canister. Replacing the canister is a simple process. The canister is located behind the gas tank, towards the rear of the truck. Here's what it looks like prior to removal:

Next, you will need to disconnect any of the three emissions hoses connected to the charcoal canister, and then you will need to disconnect one electrical connector. After all the hoses and electrical connector have been disconnected, remove the 4 bolts holding the canister to the crossmember. The canister will then be ready for removal.

Installing a new canister is easy and straightforward, the procedure is exactly the reverse of removal. This repair would have been quite expensive if the truck was not under warranty (a little over $900 for the part alone). Here's a picture of the failed evaporative emission system charcoal canister.


  1. TENGO UNA 4RUNNER 2007, SE ENCENDIERON LAS LUCES DEL TABLERO, EL SCANNER ARROJA TRES CODIGOS P2401-P2402-P2419, ALGUIEN ME PODRIA AYUDAR. toyota margarita no me da solucion y supuestamente me habian corregido la falla, me da la impresion que estan adivinando.

    1. El problema es que se te malogro es imagen que vez a mi le entro agua por eso se malogro

  2. i would actually open the canister, get it repaired and fix it back.

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